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february, 2022

ADHD is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents. It is, however, a disorder that extends into adulthood, and often leads to challenges in a wide range of areas and a poor long-term prognosis.

The latter is the case for some, but not everyone with ADHD has a poor prognosis. Importantly, we do not know exactly what distinguishes the people with ADHD  …

april, 2021

Mattering as the Heart of Health and Human Services

I (Bill) began years ago to explore the concept of mattering. It grew out of my work encouraging practitioners to view themselves as appreciative allies to the people they served. (Madsen, 2007a, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2018a; 2018b, Madsen and Gillespie, 2014). As I developed trainings with Beth Root, a frontline child protective worker at the time (Root & Madsen, 2013), and with Nina Tejs Jørring, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and family therapist in Scandinavia…

18th of october, 2018

Treatment efficacy of narrative family therapy for children and adolescents with diverse psychiatric symptomatology

Little research has been undertaken on children and adolescents with psychiatric co-morbidity and this group is seldom subject to evidence-based treatment. Equally, there has been little research on creating an evidence base for Narrative Therapy,

march, 2014

Narrative Therapy in CAMHS: Creating Multistoried Treatments

This article describes how clinicians are working on establishing structures that will enable research on and producing evidence for narrative family therapy with families struggling with psychiatric illnesses.

februar, 2013

Manual for Collaborative Family Therapy With Psychiatric Multi-stressed Families

This manual has been written by and for the therapists at The Psychotherapy Clinic (PTK in this manual) at the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre, Glostrup, Denmark (CAMHS Centre Glostrup – BUC-Glostrup in Danish).

The manual has been developed over a year or so (2011) and is mainly based on theories from narrative therapy. It is based on the practise developed by the therapist group by using a variety of different psychotherapeutic theories and techniques…

new book

Narrative Psychiatry and Family Collaborations

My new book on Narrative Psychiatry and Family Collaborations will be published in March 2022.

The book will be of interest to child and adolescent psychiatrists interested in narrative therapy, as well as other mental health professionals working with children and families.

Narrative Psychiatry and Family Collaborations is about helping families with complex psychiatric problems by seeing and meeting the families and the family members, as the best versions of themselves, before we see and address the diagnoses.

When one person is struggling with a psychiatric illness, their family struggles, too. Therefore, the whole family deserves help together.

The book can already be ordered now.